Our Services

Our core strength is the building of tailor made teams of events staff, based on the requirement of Client and the event budget.

In some instances we build a multi discipline team, made up of event managers, health & safety offices, crew, front of house managers and floor managers, whilst for events with a smaller budget may provide a few days consultancy and a fork lift driver, depending on the Clients requirements.

Project / Operations Management

Our 'white label' operations service provides all the 'nuts and bolts' work in the background of any event, that frees the Client up to sell and market their event. We provide the technical support behind the scenes, which will be tailored to suit your event and can include the sourcing and liaison with the venue, sourcing and management of contractors, design and build, liaison with the authorities including obtaining of planning permissions and licensing, liaising with exhibitors, architects and local authorities. In essence, we put all the pieces together and take away the headaches.

Site Management

The Site Manager cuts a striking figure; safety boots, hard hat and a dog eared copy of the site plan tucked under his arm. He is the first to arrive on the site and the last to leave. He is the 'go to guy' for the contractors, ensuring the build happens on time and on site challenges are dealt with and problems avoided. The Site Manager frees the Client up to get on with marketing the event, and provides confidence that the event will be ready to go live on time. He will be there to answer all the technical questions that crop up, and keep things moving as they were planned, and be there to meet the local authorities on their routine inspections.

Floor Management

Their experience of the many venues, a copy of the 'eguide' is their bible. A typical day starts on the floor of Excel with a 'delapidations' walk around with the venue rep, followed by checking the markout, and directing contractors to the right marks. Having sorted out the back of house storage areas for the main contractors, a quick divert to front of house to check the box office set up is going well, and answer a few questions from the furniture guys before chasing down those electrical sign offs, and a check on the 'complex' stands before lunch.....

Health & Safety Management

A holistic approach to safety management will start with the design of the site or floorplan, and involve the drawing up of the Event Safety Management Plan. This will include capacity calculations, collating and checking risk assessments from the contractors, putting into place systems of work and finding solutions to the more complex challenges. 20-20 Events has managed the safety on a wide range of events, and we take pride in finding solutions, whether it be installing large sculptures in public spaces or running demonstrations of heavy machinery at an agricultural show. We believe that effective safety management shouldn't be onerous for the Client but should provide the necessary protection to give everyone peace of mind.

We also provide Stand Audit services, and Structural Assessment and Inspections for more complex installations. We nurture good relationships with Environmental Health and Fire Officers across the country and abroad, and represent our clients on Safety Advisory Groups, in many cases providing the expertise that Clients require in order to avoid headaches on the day.

Health & Safety Officer

Many events need a little extra support on site and our Safety Officers provide a supportive and pragmatic approach that is very much aimed at finding solutions. Most venues now require a minimum of a NEBOSH qualified officer on the floor and with changes in the way in which large event sites will be policed, it's more and more important that the safety plan is delivered on site and managed effectively.

Event Consultancy

Whether you're organizing a large or small scale event, you may need a little extra help in some areas such as site design, contractor management, front of house systems or budget management; we're happy to assist.

Site Staff

We regularly provide crew, fork lift drivers, hosts and hostesses, staff to run the Organisers Office or teams of golf buggy drivers to events. Our team are switched on, energetic with a 'can do' attitude.

However, we recognize that everyone has their particular set of skills and personalities and so we match the right people to the right events.

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